Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Fiuggi Spa Thermal Springs

The Baths of  Fiuggi, downstream of the city, are a complex of two hydrothermal spa, surrounded by woods of chestnut, oak and pine: Fonte Bonifacio VIII and Fonte Anticolana.

Fonte Bonifacio VIII dates from the beginning of the century, but was completely restored in the sixties.
Bonifacio VIII Spring is made of large spaces and green areas, dotted with hundreds of fountains, where up to 25,000 people can access and have the same mineral water treatments.

The Anticolana Spring, also called “New Source”, as it was opened in the Twenties, is located inside the Anticolana Fiuggi Fonte Park, where people can play tennis, bowling, mini golf, ping pong, listen to music and let children play in the children area.

The Anticolana Spring is open from April 1 to November 30 and hosts the Inhalations Center and the modern Physiotherapy Center.