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March 24th, 2009

Zone Diet

Lose weight with zone diet

The M.D. Ada Ciavardini, the head doctor of our food program, works with a team of professionals: the psychologist Deborah Lopresti and the certified personal fitness trainer Francesco Filardi.

The Zone is a food method, based on a balanced relationship between food and omega -3 integration. It aims to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Loose weight with the Zone in one week and you will experience:

  • Best physical performance ever
  • Long-lasting fat loss
  • Total fitness and wellness
  • Better mental performance
  • Low cholesterol and triglycerides level
  • Slower ageing process
  • Disease prevention
  • Decrease in detrimental fats
  • Reduced water retention

Medical Area:
When you come in, you will be referred to a GP. Your GP will examine your physical state and interview your specific needs.
Nutritional area:
Our nutritionist will examine your body to determine your fat and fat-free body mass and your daily calorie consumption.
All guests will receive a step counter to monitor the number of steps and to record on the daily food diary.

Psycho-physical area:
The medical team, during the interview analyze advantages and disadvantages of your lifestyle, in order to develop with you the psychological resources to improve the quality of your life.
Through the meditation, you are taught, you will increase your awareness and improve your self-control.

Area Physical Activity:
The program center will complement a qualified personal trainer, to seek the welfare of your physical form.
According to the needs of everyone, you can choose different paths: cardio-strength training, stretching, pilates, power yoga, hiking or mountain biking and many other fitness programs.